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Students are the roots of knowledge: if they choose to explore, they can expand their wisdom as well as the wisdom of the communities they live in .Students generate the momentum for change, and with their self-motivation they can encourage the positive growth and development of our future.

At CFI we open our doors to all students who wish to study the Indian Culture, and we will provide whatever support we can in order to encourage students to explore the ancient traditions of the India.

At CFI we will do our best to arrange all the accommodations necessary for students who are interested in studying the in India. We will be able to organize safe lodging, food, specialized teachers, and research assistants within the locations which CFI is currently operating.

The Following are some of the courses and fields that are open to foreign students who wish to study in Southern India:

  1. Study of traditional music including the classical Karnatic style of music as well as the traditional village music.
  2. Study of Indian dance and the performing arts.
  3. Study of traditional crafts and pottery.
  4. Study of martial arts.
  5. Study of Yoga
  6. Study of Women's rights in India
  7. Study of Environmental Issues
  8. Study of Eastern Philosophy
  9. Study of Eastern Medicine
  10. Study of Indian Politics

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News & Events

Writing Competition

Our Independence day drawing competition was a great success. See more photos from the event:


Children's Day Alternative Education Conference


Join us for our educational event and conference this November. To learn more about how you can help, please visit our partnership page.


Urgent Needs

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Through collaboration and partnership we can generate a ripple effect that stimulates new growth and development for a variety of causes and communities. CFI and WISDOM are working with other organization from around the world to conduct research, training, and development projects for students, teachers, administrators, parents. and academic institutes. Join us today and change the lives and education of tomorrow.

Recent collaboration efforts:

  • Grace Physiotherapy and CFI conducted free therapy camps for children with special needs.
  • Training in English language (spell, write, read) for children living within slum communities in cooperation with the Boy's Reformation Club.
  • CFI an Manju Foundation are working to provide educational materials to teachers in Kodaikanal.

Donations For Us

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For as little as $10 a month a student can be fed for an entire month. Helping is much easier than you might have imagined. Make a difference in a child's life today by donating now.

Cohen Foundation and Children's WISDOM projects are maintianed by the generous contributions of individuals and organizations who have shared their time and energy to help sustain our efforts for a brighter future. Join us today and create a spark of opportunity for children and the future of education.










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